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The 3 UNDER RATED Ways to Sell FASTER on Marketplace!

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Selling unwanted/used goods can be a great way to earn some extra cash! Who couldn't use a little more right now?

It sounds good right? Chuck up a decent photo, slap on a competitive price and they'll sell like hot cakes, right? ... Wrong!

Sampson from The Magic Morning Show has been selling some items that are laying around his house, and he's discovered some ELITE tips that helped sell them FASTER! He sold 4 large household items in less than 3 hours! (Including meauring, photo taking and posting!)  

Now, obviously we must consider how demand comes into play, and how that may vary the time it takes to sell the items you have, but there are ways to get them NOTICED...

You can listen here, or read on! 

 There are many ways to sell FASTER, but if your looking for an easy to follow strategy, try this;

1. Make sure your item is measured, clean and tidy!

(If you know it's size now, it's easier to post/list later!)

2. Take photos of your item in it's "Natural" spot.

(Take a photo of a kettle on it's bench, A computer on it's desk etc.)

3. Try to get the clearest photos possible, and from different perspectives! 

(Try a maximum of 2-3 photos, and play around with the lighting!)

4. Make sure you take seperate photos that highlight any blemishes, or faults about your item!

(A photo for each! This creates trust.)

5. When pricing, look up your item on other websites and come up with a number you think is fair!

(Try to be objective about this one! Be realisitic with used goods.)

6. A good title is one that tells the story of your item in ONE line. For example; "5.5kg Washing Machine Top Loader White." 

7. A good description has the conditions FIRST, this way people can decide straght away if they want to engage with the sale. For example; "PICK UP ONLY, AVAILABLE FROM..." 

(This also saves YOU time!)

8. A GREAT description answers questions. For example; reason for sale, dimensions, negotiating options, additional product information etc.

(What would your buyer want/need to know?)

9. A PERFECT Seller is open, honest, and to the point!

(Honour those that got in first, and make sure you're being polite and reasonable to everyone!)

These tips are sure to set you a part from other sellers, and will entice people to buy from you!