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The Port Pirie 'Sh*ttiest Town Award' Journey Comes To a Hilarious Conclusion

Port Pirie have found themselves the recipients of a most unwelcome award.

On Tuesday the 11th of May 2021, the results for the South Australian leg of the ‘S**t Towns of Australia’ award landed.

The poll, from a Facebook page run by Geoff Rissole, asks South Aussies which town is their least favourite, the outcome of this poll saw Port Pirie come out firmly on top of the list with 38% of votes, followed by Whyalla on 14% and Port Augusta on 13% of all votes.

Following this, the Spencer Gulf’s Magic 105.9 Morning Show team, Sampson and Jackie, decided to channel their inner Sam Mac and do something to prove Geoff Rissole, and the rest of the population wrong!

Heading out around Port Pirie on Tuesday (May 11) afternoon, Sampson and Jackie purchased several packs of (Geoff) Rissoles from the local Port Pirie supermarket and armed with a sticky tape dispenser, stuck “poop” emojis on the packs.


‘Mr Rissole’ as he was humbly named, was then given a tour of all the best sights and hang outs in the Port Pirie community, but not before dropping in on Mayor Leon Stephens first.

The Rissoles visited and got to bask in sights such as; the museum, the playground, the pub for a drink with some old friends, the smelter and ship yard, and of course the local footy oval for a bit of a game.


Upon speaking to several locals, the overwhelming word on the street was that Port Pirie is a close knit and humble community with lots to offer.

They came to a head this morning (May 14) as Geoff Rissole and Mayor of Port Pirie, Mr Leon Stephens, met and spoke to one another for the very first time. #makingmediahistory

Sampson and Jackie acting as the mediators, let the two gentlemen loose, and it didn't take long for the punches to start flying (hypothetically of course).

When questioned about his response to Geoff Rissole’s ‘Sh*ttiest Town Award’, Mr Stephens simply said, “bugger off!”

“It’s [this title of sh*t town] starting to wear a bit thin, I reckon you must have been one of those kids at school who put the signs on peoples backs that say kick me?” said Mr Stephens, ribbing Mr Rissole.

“Millions of other towns have slid into our DMs this week, saying hey if you do end up giving Port Pirie the shove, we’d love to be in this spot. So there are definitely some people who see the merit of it!” Mr Rissole retorted.

But ultimately Mayor Leon Stephens said what we were all thinking, “if you changed a couple of words in that to say the top ten ‘Sh*t Hot Towns’ I’d be happy.”

 After a fair bit of back and forth, it all ended as friends, with Mayor Leon inviting Geoff to the town picnic on September 29, where he suggested they should link arms and throw some rissoles on the BBQ.

Thanks to everyone who followed the story from start to hilarious finish this week!

Listen to the full interview here: 


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