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It's a MIRACLE!!

We've all heard stories of people seeing holy images in the most mundane places. Perhaps they see the face of jesus at the bottom of their soup bowl, the Madonna in an oil stain, or a lima bean that looks just like The Leader.



So often I've dismissed these discoveries as coincidences at best, forgeries and scams at worst; I've believed the scientists when they explain the psychology of face pareidolia and taken comfort in my cold, factual reasoning.

Until last night! I was making macaroni and was shook to my core when I opened up a week-old jar of cream and saw something that defies all explanation...

 IMG 1140

It's clearly a smiley face, beaming with life and embracing me with love. I'll admit it's a crude rendition, but it's unmistakenly the smiley face of a religious figure - possibly one of another faith I haven't even considered before. Like so much in spirituality, I don't need to understand it to believe its significance in my life. This miracle in Port Pirie has blessed me, blessed us all, and I kneel at its place in my refrigerator.

I will be charging $50 admission if you'd like to see it for yourself.

 'The Holy Family Stained Glass Artwork' photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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