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Can you still send somebody a ham?

How do you show somebody you appreciate them? Romantics might say flowers or chocolates, nannas might say some homemade jam or lemon butter. I'm a traditionalist, and I wanna know if I can still send somebody a ham...

It sounds like something out of Charles Dickens, but I ask you this: who doesn't like a bit of ham every now and then? A nice big brick of the stuff, wrapped in a net and smoked to perfection.



More to the point, the person I'm looking to send a ham to is a man, and I think it's a unlikely to be misconstued as anything more affectionate. It's just a nice gift and we've got some beautiful hams and smallgoods in the region if you head to, say, Booleroo or any monthly markets in Port Germein or where-else. You'd be happy to recieve these hams.


So... can I do it? He's not vegetarian!

Can You Still Gift Somebody a Ham?

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