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Pleeeease Don't Joke That You Were in Daft Punk

It's official! Daft Punk have announced their collaboration has come to an end in a very atmospheric short entitled "Epilogue". One would think that, after a year of people wearing masks, the band would be more relevant than ever.

I can already see what happens next: every media outlet and internet wannabe cracking jokes about how they are, in fact, a memeber of Daft Punk and that it's now safe to reveal their true identity. I thought about doing this bit too.

But if everybody claims to be Daft Punk, then nobody is. The more possible leads we have, the more broader and harder the search becomes. We don't want an "I'm Spartacus" moment here, we want to catch the culprits!

"I'm Daft Punk" - via GIPHY

Instead, we need people to openly and publicly deny that they're a member of the French music duo. I want everybody to do this. I'll start: my name's Rob Lawry and I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of Daft Punk. Can you say the same?

There may be 7 billion people on earth, but give it a few years. We'll find you, Dafties.