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I Picked The Wrong Day To Launch My News Service

This is so embarassing. I've been working day and night to launch a brand new online news service, Ham News Online - and today it's all been for nothing; overnight, Facebook has decided to pull all Australian news content from its platform.



Want to keep up with the latest bushfire information on your socials? You can't. Want to browse your feed and catch up on the latest headlines? They're gone. Want to spread disinformation, harmful conspiracy theories and racist memes? Facebook will continue to share all of this, as usual.

Thank goodness we still have Minions memes!! - via GIPHY

And if you want to learn what's new in the world of hams, the latest ham curing tips and the trendiest ham recipes, I can no longer share these with you.

Nobody de-platforms me!! - via GIPHY

I guess the moral is that monopolies are bad and capitalism rots. I'm sad to learn this. If you can't trust the multi-billion dollar corporations that control our lives, who can you trust??


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels