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Bad Silo Art Ideas To Inspire You To Do Better

You don't spend as long as I have working in creative industires and not learn a thing or two about the creative process. Today is your last chance to submit designs for the Wallaroo Silo Light Show. This time the theme is sport, and in a last ditch effort to inspire you, here are some garbage ideas I've had that will hopefully inspire better ideas on your part.

These designs are just proof of concept, so you'll have to use your imagination - but not so much imagination that they look like good designs. They're not, but that's all part of the process.

Design 1 - Stumps

wicket silos

This design utilises the silos' inherent straight and tall shape to convey the idea of cricket stumps. All you'd have to do is project some sort of wood-looking colour onto three of the silos and leave the rest uniluminated. Got any better ideas?

Design 2 - Goal Posts


A pretty similar idea to the first, but one that utilises four silos instead of just three. I think this design will score big points with spectators - unless you've got a better idea that would prevent this ever seeing the light of day (night, if we're being pedantic)

Design 3 - Sports Water Bottles

water bottles

You can be way more creative than this. Even I don't think this is very good, but you tend to need three ideas when you write an article. Still, maybe this encourages you to think outside the box or try harder. That's my job done!

Design 4 - Not really silos, just a fun mascot for the event

IMG 0956

Nuff said. I think this one does actually have some serious potential.


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay