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New Song Ideas for Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo is crushing it right now - the 17-year-old has his number one on the ARIA charts and, even better, hit the airwaves at Magic FM, with her single "Driver's License"

Sup? I'm child prodigy Olivia Rodrigo! via GIPHY

And if you think a 17-year-old writing a song about getting a driver's license is peak teenager, it's hard to argue with the results.

Rodrigo doesn't need my help, but if she is looking for inspiration with any follow-up singles based on being seventeen years old, here a few ideas I've had based on my own experiences.


Let's Jam! via GIPHY

1. Oh man, even the nerdiest guy in school got a date for formal? I'd better hurry up and ask somebody!

2. My braces really hurt. Ouch.

3. The government says I'm too young to drink a beer with you, so I'll pass.

4. I can't figure out how Matrices work - I don't want to fail maths!

5. How on earth did I get voted house sport captain? I don't play sports. Am I being punked?

6. Just because I can sing doesn't mean I want to be in the year 12 production of Aladdin.

7. I just bought the new iPod touch.

8. Gangnam Style isn't even that funny!

Feel free to use any of these, Liv. We can split the profits 50/50!