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Three Stunts I Wanna See Tom Cruise Do in Port Pirie

Tom Cruise is curretnly filming Mission: Impossible 7 and 8. He's been shooting in Norway, Rome and Venice, and with such blockbuster, globe-trotting action on the way, I'd like to see him film something in Port Pirie.


But how do you bring Cruise's Hollywood machine to beautiful South Australia? Well, the Mission franchise has largely done away with its television series roots and now serves as an outlet for Cruise to indulge in whatever daredevil act he'd like to perform. Here are a few things I think might interest him...

I mean, you could do this stunt anywhere... via GIPHY

Something To Climb

IMG 0405

He's climbed the tallest building in the world, but how would special agent Ethan Hunt go climbing the lead smelter? For added exctiement, perhaps he could climb the 205 metre stack blindfolded. I think this is exactly where the franchise should be headed; the only difficulty is creating a strong narrative that can explain what he's doing on top of the smelter.


Something in a Great Location

IMG 0672

The climax of Mission: Impossible - III takes place on Florida's Seven Mile Bridge - an unforgettable, pulse-pounding sequence. Many sequels fall into the trap of trying to go bigger than previous installments. Cruise can avoid this pitfall by restaging a similar sequence on Port Pirie's Bridge to Nowhere...


Something Really Painful

IMG 0676

Cruise's longtime collaborator, director Christopher McQuarrie has cited gravity as a key ingredient in a Mission: Impossible set piece, but I'd like to see the next films innovate a little more; there is plenty of danger on the ground. Only a crazy person would crawl across this arid landscaper. That's gonna hurt so bad! I, for one, think the Academy Award-nominated Cruise would really sell the pain of such a stunt.

Have your people call my people...

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels