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Adelaide Teen Stamped with Iconic Mall Statue

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We've all joked to our friends about getting an absurd tattoo, or maybe even investing in a new outfit portfolio to "stand out," or to "look fresh" - What tattoos could we get up North? The Whyalla Looped Jetty? The Port Pirie Bridge to nowhere? ... Where would you have it lead to?  Albeit, there are plenty of ways to stand out from the crowd, and local Adelaide teen 'Jake' has certainly found one! 

Since the famous landmarks inception in early November this year, many have been quick to pass judgement and to critiscise the 'new addition' to the Mall. Others however fell in love with the new statue, Jake certainly took his love for the new Rundle Mall icon to the extreme! 

Let's face it, most would assume this was some kind of publicity stunt, however when asked if this was one big joke or some kind of dare, Jake fondly exclaimed, "I genuinely love the statue. I really enjoy the geometry of the pigeon and honestly I couldn't be happier with the results."

Jokingly Jake further added, "when I mentioned to my family that this was something I wanted to do, they all laughed and thought I wouldn't do it. That only made me want to do it more!"

What iconic tattoo are you going to get? How about the Port Germein Jetty from your head to your toes!? 

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