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These are the Top Podcasts of 2020

Audio has been king this year: in a year where people needed up-to-date entertainment, radio has come to the rescue. Some people are into podcasts, and that's fine, I guess...


No, don't do it Maya!! - via GIPHY

So what were some of the years' best podcasts? I have no idea because I work in radio, the superior audio medium. Nothing beats the informed professionalism and high production value of radio!

Why listen to some nerd in a basement, yacking with his stupid friends about cheap mattresses and shaving kits? Save yourself the trouble, and tune in to your nearest radio set. You'll be glad you did!

Do we promise you'll be this cool listening to radio? YES! via GIPHY

I wouldn't even know how to find a podcast. Nobody does. On the other hand, I have a radio in my car, in my house, and in my office. I can even find radio with an app on my phone. It's SO much easier than mucking about with a bunch of ones and zeroes. Who knows that the long term effects will be caused by listening to podcasts?

Zach Braff produced a failed sitcom about being a podcaster. Nuff said. via GIPHY

So whether you're on the road, around the home, or just spending some quality time with the family, remember to listen to some radio over the holidays!


Photo by Jeremy Enns from Pexels