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Big Bob Lozza's Xmas Tips

You've got enough on your mind right now. Sit back and let me do all the thinking for you; here are a few things I've picked up over the years.



Not sure what to watch?

Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie. You might be sceptical because of the language, the violence, or simply the fact it's very good, but at the end of the day, you can't deny the magic of the scene at the end where Sgt. Al Powell finally overcomes his PTSD and blows Karl away to save John. It's a mushy, beautiful moment and captures the spirit of the holiday like few others do.


Exhibit A - via GIPHY

Didn't get your mother a gift?

If you can't put something together in time, one option you have is to wrap something she already owns and leave it under the tree. She'll get to savour the anticipation of seeing such a big gift waiting for her - and then the relief when she finds that kitchen pot she was looking for these past few days!

It's a good thing she loves you - via GIPHY

Are you doing White Elephant?

White Elephant goes great in a large group of people, especially when you're with more casual aquaintances for the holidays. Chocolate, bubble bath mixture, and fun hats are all good gifting ideas in this situation, and well within any budget, but nothing ruins the mood than being on the receiving end of a full gingerbread house. This is too much. It's too extra, and a little creepy if you do. Bad gift, Ian.

It was even worse than the iPod - via GIPHY

Feel like Spaghetti Marinara?

Whether you're still hungry after Christmas lunch or just need a break from Christmas tradition, a marinara really hits the spot. It's so easy to find great seafood in the region, and as much as I'm a fan of a $6 white wine, you can easily find the good stuff in the Clare Valley too. For the experts: why not sing "Have Yourself a Marinara Christmas" as you chow down?



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