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Ooft. Now What?

I suppose it's better than seven days. There's a lot of information to digest about the extent of the lockdown in SA, and where the state can expect to go from here.



It's amazing how rapidly things changed after the initial press conference: staff meetings were held, people went home, the streets were busier than ever, and the supermarkets even more so. We hoped to never see things become this serious, but at least people are taking the laws seriously all the same.

Liquor shops look like they will be open, despite earlier reports saying otherwise. I was about to resort making my own liquor, like Homer does in that one episode. 



That no allowance for exercise exists has surprised me most. Naturally, I was just about to start tackling those COVID kilos so I can fit into my favourite shirt for my Mum's wedding in December, if that's even on the cards still.

The good news is we've done it before, and this is our best chance of keeping the lockdown period as brief as possible. In the meantime, this TikTok is pretty funny - and after you watch it you'll have slightly less time you need to kill without going outside your home except for shopping. 

Good luck, we got this! Please save a me a roll of toilet paper!


Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels