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Three Things I Regret Stepping In

One of the joys of walking about is getting to go on all sorts of adventures - but sometimes you walk into a trap. Here are three things in the region I regret stepping in...

A creek I thought was shallow

This one is pretty self explanatory, and you can imagine why I regretted stepping in it. Fortunately my mate drove us over to Mt Remarkable National Park, so it was his car that I wound up wiping my dopping wet feet in. Boom. That's 1/3 of this article already written. Let's get to the better examples...



Way too many three corner jacks

This is a fresh one from over the weekend; if I've entertained you in the past with my dinner-party anecdotes about stepping in things, you won't have heard it! Molly and I went to Point Lowly over the weekend and I, ill prepared for a beach trip, walked barefoot from our car to the shore. It was mad hot over the weekend, so there was quite a lot of traffic, and when I stepped off the road to avoid a passing car, I trod on nothing but splinters, spiky things and ouchies. I had it coming to me, but I regret it all the same. 

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The Mud a the Mathew Flinders Red Cliff Lookout

Well, not the lookout per se, but if you climb down to the water to get some shots for your long-in-production Ned Kelly film, you're going to losse a shoe in the mud and you'll probably get really sad because your foot will be all slimy now. Oh! And there are these little reeds poking out the top off the surface of the mud, and those will get stuck in your foot too. There are lots of reasons not to do this. 


I still like the region, mind....


Photo by Gratisography from Pexels