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Bonjour, Port Piris!

Netflix wants you to know that their series Emily in Paris should be pronounced "par-ee", like the French say it. 

You might not be aware, but by the same logic, Port Pirie should actually be spelt "Piris" - and also pronounced in the French way. 

There are many clues to Port Piris' French roots across the town. Have you ever admired the palm trees along the main road? Take a closer look: they're really baguettes!

Port Piris

Looking around the region, there's plenty of amazing silo art, and some have wondered why Port Piris doesn't have anything like that on their silos in town. They're incorrect - from the other side, it's obvious that three of the silos have been painted in the town's national (French) colours...

Port Piris flag

And if you still need more proof, at certain hours of the day you can distinctly tell that the Smelter is wearing a beret.

Port Piris Beret

Ah, gay Port Piris... it's truly très bien!


Port Piris photographs by Rob Lawry

Baguettes Photo by Mariana Kurnyk from Pexels