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Magic FM Unveils Two New Statues

It's been a huge year for public art in the region - how many murals have gone up in the past 11 months?

Auburn got in on the action too, with its new statue unveileed last week. This gave Molly and Rob an idea - who'd be the better sculptor? Here are their efforts below...

Rob's - Untitled

IMG 0374

This mixed media sculpture uses a range of items immediately available on Rob's desk; the scissors, bulldog clip, panadol wrappers, rubber band, Post-it and Instant noodles fork all come together to depcit his take on the modern office worker. 


Molly's - If Glenn was blu tac

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Fact: great art pushes boundries and asks big questions. What if Glenn was actually made of blu tac. The implications are massive, and Warland's piece engages fearlessly with every one of them.


Whose do you like better?

Statue Off: Rob v Molly