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Aussie Backyard Birds You Can Count On

This week has proven you can count birds, but you can also count on some birds...



pexels achini kobbakaduwa 5049984

Photo by Achini Kobbakaduwa from Pexels

Good bloke. Larry will always shout you a beer at the pub and nibble on your excess bird seed.



pexels genaro servín 763197

Photo by Genaro Servin from Pexels

She always has a smile on her face, and love to listen. When I've had a rough day, Midge is always there to offer advice. 



pexels pascal renet 37494

Photo by Pascal Renet from Pexels

Becky helped me move house, and even helped me haggle for a better price on a fridge from Facebook Marketplace. She's always roaring to hitch up the trailer!



pexels robert premus 1046884

Photo by Robert Premus from Pexels

The worst person I know. I can always trust Tom to be difficult and obnoxious. I genuinely hate his guts.