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Annoying Relatives Might Be Leaving SA for Christmas

It's official: SA and NSW borders are back open, with the first flights landing in Adelaide today.

It's the good news we've been waiting for. The chance of seeing friends and family from NSW is always exciting, but I find it particularly comforting to know that my most annoying family members won't spend Christmas in SA if given the choice.

Those aunties who suck all life out of the room? They flew the coop. That cousin who always hogs my Mum's special pasta salad? He's nowhere in sight. My stinky sister? She can finally go on her honeymoon. This is fantastic!



No longer do I fear we'd all be lumped together on December 25, forced to make pleasantries, trading quarantine stories all day. Suck it, COVID, you lost this round!!

Photo by Sohel Patel from Pexels