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Bro, can I borrow $15,000??

I know times are tough right now. I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important.

I've been scrimping and saving, but it just won't be enough. I need $15,000 so I can buy myself a glitter Elsa ooshie on eBay.

I don't like The Mandalorian, I don't want him, even if he does have "buy it now" options for as low as $8000.

I only like Frozen, and I especially like it when I imagine what all the characters would look like see-through and glittery. I don't even think $15,000 is unreasonable for a useless hunk of plastic, since some eBay users have her listed for $250,000. 

I need you to give me the money, because I live alone, I shop and cook for one, and it's impossible to spend more than $30 on my groceries. I will never win one. You need to front me $15,000.

Think of this as an investment and not just a greedy cash-grab to a passing fad. This might be the last time Woolworths - or any supermarket - offer a giveaway when you shop with them.

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