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Microsoft Flight Simulator is a Game Changer for Dads

"Is there a cockpit view?"

My Dad asks this whenever he sees me playing a video game with planes in it. It doesn't matter what genre, what the objective is, or how realistic the graphics are - if there's a plane in it, my Dad's holding out hope that there will be an accurate depiction of the aviation experience.


"Is there a cockpit view?" "Dad, I'm the car..." - via GIPHY

But now there finally is a cockpit view. Microsoft's new Flight Simulator 2020 is all about doing a good job of flying a plane and taking it very seriously.


The game, which has recieved rave reviews since launching earlier in the week, is a huge step up from the Flight Simulator video game my Dad brought home in the 1990s. Back then, he got so into it he purchased a joystick controller for the PC and got very upset whenever my brother and I did something fun like try and crash the aircrafts.


Players in 2020 can choose from a range of planes, from the big jumbos to single-engine light aircraft, and visit airports all over the world, rendered in remarkable detail. It's perfect for a Dad who, jeez, probably should have taken some flying lessons at some point in his life. I'm getting a real sense that it's a goal he'd have liked to achieve, and how empty he feels not following his deams. Alas, he's too old to enrol in Mid North Christian College's aviation program.

Still, it's a pretty funny image of my Dad, in his 60s, finally getting into video games and going way overboard; maybe a new 4K monitor, decking out his PC, buying one of those gamer chairs, trolling n00bs all day. He might have finally found a full-time retirement hobby.

Please don't show my Dad this setup - via GIPHY

The scary part? I'm seriously considering buying this game too...