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Tenet gets a New Release Date (For Now?)

Like everything else, films have had a rough go of it. Ever since the then-upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die pushed its April release date to November, every major film has followed suit, delaying release until people might safely be able to go to a theatre.

The exception to this has been Christopher Nolan's upcoming film Tenet, which has done its very best to stick to it's guns - and its original release date.

Nolan's directing career includes The Dark KnightInception and Dunkirk, so his latest film is likely something very special but, yeah, releasing such a hotly anticipated movie in the middle of a pandemic is a pretty poor decision. Yes, if it's one of the few movies to release in 2020, Nolan's chances of winning an Oscar will be strong by default - but that isn't worth risking the wellbeing of your fans.

You're gonna need more than a mask - via GIPHY

Christopher Nolan loves the cinema experience, so we can rule out any kind of small-screen release. Tenet was originally scheduled to release in July, but was eventually delayed until early August. Last week, the release was delayed indefinitely whilst the studio reassessed and devised a new strategy, in keeping with the severity of the world's COVID situation. For those pleading for some kind of sanity, this move was well-received, even if it meant waiting a little longer to see the movie.

However, as of yesterday, it seems like they've come up with a decision after all: Tenet will now be released to cinemas... slightly later in August, as though the virus will magically be cured by then.

Australia, Europe and beyond will all see the movie from August 26th, followed by a release in America on September 3rd, a holiday weekend. This is still a bad idea for basically every country in the world, where social distancing (or more severe measures) is in full-swing.

But in South Australia, where cinemas are opening again and the viral threat is minimal? Hey, we might still get to see it kinda soon.

Unless the date changes again.

(Please, Chris, change the date again. This isn't a joke!)