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You Guessed It: Tom Hanks Now A Greek Citizen

2020 just keeps topping itself. Remember when the most absurd thing any of us could think about was Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson being diagnosed with COVID-19? Well, it turns out they've both now been granted an honorary Greek citizenship. I didn't even know they wanted one.

(^ that's the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, by the way)

Celebs get free stuff all the time - we know this. They get free swag, honorary degrees, and even action star Steven Seagal was awarded a Russian citizenship back in 2016, at a time where US-Russia relations where pretty tense amidst alleged vote-tampering. Seagal, of course, is a pretty weird guy so it's a little easier to swallow.

I feel like I'd be compelled to give Steven Seagal whatever he asks - via GIPHY

Hanks, apparently, loves Greece. I'm sure I would too, if I was lucky enough to holiday there. Is that sufficient grounds to bypass the complicated process of gaining dual citizenship, and to have it extended to Hanks' entire family.

Can I straight up offer Mr Hanks an honorary citizenship to South Australia? Perhaps he'd like to see Arid Lands Botanic Gardens...


Maybe the Greek citizenship is a reward for surviving COVID-19, in sympathy for what we know is at-worst a life threatening condition and even at best, completley exhausting. If so, there's a couple of million people who PM Mitsotakis are owed a citizenship. I don't want one, if this is the case.

I didn't expect to cover Greek politics today, but here we are. What country would you like to be granted an honorary citizenship to?



Original, unedited version of "Sully Japan Premiere Red Carpet: Tom Hanks" photo courtesy of Dick Thomas Johnson via Flickr. Used and edited under Creative Commons Licence 2.0