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COVID-friendly Sporting Events

COVID-19 has changed so much in how events run in 2020 and beyond, especially in sports where physical activity is required. AFL has slowly found a solution, the Olympics were postponed, and now the 2021 Masters Games have been required to consider coronavirus restrictions in planning next year's event on the Copper Coast.

And whether such events become limited by who's able to travel to compete or the ability for athletes to train, I think there's an opportunity here: to create new sporting events, based on activities mastered during isolation. Here's some...

Competitive Yoga


For people who've gone beyond the Beginners tutorials on YouTube, here's where they can show off their newfound physical prowess. How can we get these otherwise peaceful, serene yogis to duel each other? And who will win? The excitement is unrivalled!



Could this be what E-Sports need to finally have their place in the sun? People have certainly had the time to master their preferred video games lately. You could even branch out into techno-territory not previously considered gaming, such as Zoom calls. You could race connection speeds, or see who can fit the most information - be most productive - in 40 minutes before the free session ends. The brilliance of this is that even if we can't compete on a professional level, we can all relate and appreciate good form.

Facemask Lip-reading


'... because it can be a really fun sport!' - Joe Biden. via GIPHY

Pretty self-explanatory. I think this has a high degree of difficulty, but would make a great spectator sport. For extra thrills, hold the tournaments upside-down or underwater.

Extreme Social Distancing


Who can get the furthest away from everybody else the fastest? It could be like wrestling, with larger-than-life personalities and over-the-top rivalries, desperate to avoid eachother for personal reasons as well as the obvious health precaution. You can do it in a field, stadium, or even the shopping aisles if Coles want to come on board as a sponsor. The possibilities are endless.


Masters Games, you know how to contact me.