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Dare I Say... The BEST Song About Whyalla?

With so much talent in the region, it's a wonder there aren't more songs about our home. Last year, Brent and I tried writing a parody of "Old Town Road" called "Port Augusta Highway" - but we only got as far as the title.


 A singer named Peter Bibby has, however, managed to crack the code, debuting his new song "Whyalla" on YouTube last week...


 The song's catchy and the lyrics are very factual - did you know that Whyalla is South Australia's third most populous city?

Bibby also demonstrates some strong local knowledge for a Western Australian, with the song also name dropping local legends Barrie Robran and Karyne Di Marco, as well as the 2007 Guiness World Record for pinball.


 It certainly strikes us as one of the best songs written about Whyalla - or anywhere in the region. What town should be next? Here's what I've just come up with for Crystal Brook...

🎵  Crystal Brook, Crystal Brook,

A very nice place to take a look!

Go to the meat store, grab a chook...

Pretty great spot, that Crystal Brook  🎵