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Would You Try The Queen's New Homebrew?

COVID-19 has affected us all, and all of us differently. 

Sure, most of us aren't too concerned for the welfare of the ruling class in the present - however it's at least interesting to see how far-reaching the economic effects of the virus are. For the Queen, social distancing measures have meant to closure of various royal residences and attractions to the public - meaning no tourists and no revenue. That all starts to add up.

Live feed of Buckingham Palace rn - via GIPHY

Fortunately the royal family own a considerable fortune in assets, land and IOUs - and instead of tapping into that, the Royal Collection Trust have decided to license some more merch for the public to swallow, now launching a boutique gin onto the market.

Buckingham Palace Gin
is a London Dry Gin, which is fitting, since it's made in one of the most iconic of London locations. The lemon, mulberry leaves and hawthorn berries - among other botanicals - are all sourced from the gardens withing the palace. Nice if you've got it, I suppose: I'm pretty sure all the berries in my garden are poisonous.

Queen Elizabeth II Commeration Plate

For the full experience, why not drink your gin off a commemorative plate? - via Mark Morgan on Flickr 

It's easy to knock, but one thing we've learnt in lockdown is that everybody needs a hobby. If the Queen wants to start making moonshine, more power to her - and yet, as a citizen of the commonwealth, I feel I should be entitled to a free sip.


Would you be keen to taste the Queen's home brew? If not, which celebrity's backyard spirits would you like to try?



Gin Tonic Cocktail image via Pixabay.