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The Fog Has Come

What is the fog, and what does it want from us?


The fog descended upon multiple spots in the region on Monday morning, with fog warnings following throughout this week. I even saw it approaching, driving on the highway late Sunday afternoon, creeping above the Ranges. Could we have stopped it in time, had I alerted the authorities? Of course not; the fog does as it pleases.


 It's unwise to underestimate the fog. Did you think you were safe? "The fog only hangs around at spooky lighthouses, I'll be fine" - that's you, being wrong. Besides, a lighthouse might actually be the safest place right now, able to see the fog's every move. 


Artist's rendition.

You try turning on your headlights to spook the fog, hoping to send it scampering back into its hole, but it does nothing. Perhaps you can hear it laughing at you. You flick on your high beams, but it just makes the fog brighter. You are alone.

Oh yeah, Glenn said the fog was like something out of Stephen King, but The Fog is obviously a John Carpenter film. Absolute rookie mistake. Come on, Glenn... via GIPHY

It's sad that, just as we're getting back into a routine of leaving the home more freely, the fog would keep us besieged. 

But one day, we will defeat it...


(Oh yeah, I didn't actually witness any of the fog. I was still asleep and missed the whole thing)