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The Bin Struggle Is Real

If it weren’t for my bins being collected, I’d probably never get out of bed on a Thursday.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to feel warm and snug in my blankets… without the jolt of panic that rushes through my body whenever I hear the truck on my street, knowing I didn’t put the bins out last night.

Every Wednesday night I think it will be different, that I’ll think ahead and make the proactive decision to put out the bins whilst I remember. I’ll do it later. I never have the strength.

So how do I fix this?


For starters, I could stop putting the bin out every week. I could do it every month, so that whenever it was time to put the bin out I’d be so desperate to have my garbage taken away that I couldn’t afford to leave it down the side of my house. But then it would be too heavy to drag to the crub.

I could just get rid of my kitchen bin entirely. If I have any waste, I’ll have to take it outside to my red, yellow or green bin. On Wednesday night, on my final trip to the bins for the night, since I’m already outside I may as well curb the bins.


I could develop a complex pulley system, attached to my neighbour’s bin across the road, so whenever they put their bins out, mine pulled across too. Mind you, that would be a major traffic hazard.

Who knows what will work. Of course, if I do fix it, I may never come in to work that day...