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You Can't Recycle Water Yourself

Water: it's the lifeblood of all... well, life! Grab two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen and, boom, you've got some water of your own. But what is recycled water and where does it come from? The Port Augusta East Wastewater Treatment Plant know the secret, and they're currently putting the call out if anybody has a use for their 430 Megalitres of recycled water they produce every year. 


Here's why you'll want to get your recycled water from them, and not DIY. And as the only member of the Magic team who came the closest to completing a science degree at uni - I was enrolled in one until a week before class started in my first year - I'm here to explain just how complicated the process is.

There's No Recycled Water Bin

IMG 9465

Look at me: I tried putting my water in with the bottles and cans, but it just made all the choccy milk cartons wet. Not only is the water ineligible for a 10c refund, I damaged what was already in the bin. If you try and recycle water in this way, it will just cost you more money. Besides, how will you get the water back once it's been through the plant? This is a dumb idea.

You Can't Wash What's Already Wet


Let's say you're washing your dishes in the sink, and you decide to not let all that water go to waste. You pour in a little detergent to give your dirty water a good scrub - and in doing so, all you've done is create more soapy water. It's a never ending cycle. I suppose you could try dry cleaning, but what if you're water becomes too dry. It's gone forever.

You Know Nothing About Chemicals


Maybe not nothing, maybe you've looked after a swimming pool before, but that's nothing like this. You can purify water by filtering it through sand and rocks, but I wouldn't recommend that either. Do you know where sand has been? I bet it's filthy. The ocean is home to an estimated 3,500,000,000,000 fish, and there's no way they're all trustworthy. 


 Admit it, you're over your head. Don't try and do this yourself. If you have a need for recycled water, go and seek the experts.