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Big Bob Lozza Drew Glenn's Portrait

We now have an official date for the Clare Vallley's Annual Portrait Prize: opening night is exactly three months away, on September 17.

With submissions due on September 14, the pressure is on - and with the deadline looming, I decided I'd have a crack the ol' art.

IMG 8843

This is far from my first foray into the visual arts; in the past I've redesigned Sonic the Hedgehog, I've produced logos for the one-and-only Machine Gun Kelly, and most recently I drew a pretty cute drawing of a dog. I'm no Rembrandt, but I'm quick.

The competition asks you to draw a person known to you. I need look no further than Mr Magic Morning Show himself, Glenn Baker. Since he's a famous local celebrity, I had no toruble finding a reference photo of him:

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From there, it was just a matter of grabbing some office stationery and my favourite Bic pen and getting down to business.

I'm pleased to present my masterpiece...

Glenn better

Is it my best work yet? No. Does it look like Glenn? It's not my place to say. Art means something different to everybody, and I like to think I captured his forgiving nature, his sense of humour about this sort of thing, and his light hearted manner that would never ever see him get mad at me over this unflattering portrait.

So that's it, that's what I've got. I probably should have taken another month or so to get this right, since I have the time. You, fortunately, have that time and I hope you take advantage it ahead of the awards.

That's all I've done. There's nothing more to see.



I mean it, there's no more art.






Okay, so the above image wasn't my first drawing of Glenn. If I'm honest, it's actually a tracing I made of the photograph. You DO NOT want to see my first, completely freehand, attempt at drawing Glenn.


No, really.


See for yourself:

Glenn bad

Is this a bad time to mention I take comissions?

By Rob Lawry.

Digital sketchpad image courtesy of Pexels.