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Good Reasons to Pick Up After Your Pet

Earlier in the week Port Augusta council commented on an increasing ammount of "pet waste" - as we've called it on our website - being left on public footpaths. Even without a pricey $210 on-the-spot fine, I'm amazed everybody isn't picking up after their pets.


Surely you agree to do so when you take in an animal. We all know it can be smelly and messy, but it's part of the deal. You can't be somebody who'd do anything for love and not clean up after your best friend. So if you think it's gross, I hope to persuade you.


I'll point out that I don't have a dog, and maybe the novelty does eventually wear off, but I feel like everything pets do is fascinating. You're constantly postiviely reinforcing your dog for everything they do: "Ooh, big stretch!" "Good boy!" and so on. Isn't all of it just a reflection of the miracle of life? Embrace all your pet does.


Likewise, there aren't as many excuses to be outside the house as they used to be. Taking your pet for a walk isn't just a great chance to bond with your best friend, it's freedom from the monotony of indoors. Much like padding out the time it takes to make a cup of tea at work as long as you possibly can, picking up is just another way to extend the length of your trips outside. You can't take that for granted.


Picking up after your pet is much easier than training them to flush. I'm sure they could eventually figure it out if they saw you do it a few times, but what's next? They're going to get in your shower and waste all your hot water? Use up all the clean towels? Forget it!


Be grateful you don't own a pet bird - that would require you to carry some kind of small mop with you whenever you trek outside. But a dog? if you're feeding them right, it's super easy to just pick up their waste an toss it in the bin. Use a plastic bag if it makes it easier.

IMG 5246

Looking after your animals and the environment is a no-brainer. I'm not asking you to frame it or anything, but pick up your pet's business. They'd do it for you if they could!


(apologies to my boss for talking, uhh, "business". oh, and the bit about making a cup of tea was just a joke haha!)
Dog bag photography courtesy of "Mad Mike" Lozza