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Locky From Survivor is the New Bachelor

 bachelor Locky

Locky Gilbert has stepped off the islands of Survivor and into the Bachelor mansion and my jaw has literally dropped.

How is this guy our bachelor? There is a big difference between Dr Chris Brown (who was speculated to be the next Bachelor) and Locky Gilbert. Sorry but it’s the truth.

The 30-year-old adventurer has commenced filming over the weekend, as he is set to meet his lucky ladies today.

What a lot of people are wondering is what happened to his Survivor co-star Brooke Jowett?

The two were cosying up for the entire season but things get tricky in the real world when distance came into play and I’m genuinely sad for her.

Maybe this is because I too am a victim of a long distance.

Here’s hoping they both find love, I mean Locky at least has 30 women to choose from now, that’s better odds than you’d find heading to the local pub on a Friday.

The Bachelor to hit our screens later this year.

Now we wait…