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China first to land on the 'darkside' of the Moon

China Lunar lander.jpgPictured supplied: CNSA

Today China has been the first country to ever land successfully on the 'dark side' or far side of the moon.

We know considerably less about the back of our only natural satellite than we do the front.
For instance the far side/dark side, contrary to popular belief isn't always dark, both sides of the Moon experience day and night.
The far side is know as this because due to tidal locking we only ever see the one side of The Moon from Earth.
(This was a surprise to me as I thought we only saw one side as the moon was naturally shy and knew it's good angles.)

As such a great deal of the knowledge of the moon that we have is based on just one side as no lander or craft has ever touched down there until today.

The probe known as Chang'e-4 has landed in a massive crater on the far side of the moon. How massive? Well it's so massive that astronomers think it may very well have been an impact so deep that it's knocked right through the surface of the Moon and into the mantle.
Chang'e-4 hopes to examine this mantle material in hopes of determining what that big silvery rock is made of (fair chance it's not actually cheese).

Aboard the probe is also some organic material, that China hopes to grow on the Luna surface as an experiment to see if it's at all possible.

All in all very exciting but probably less enjoyable to watch than Matt Damon growing potatoes on Mars.