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Port Pirie Punk Band Gunning For SA Music Awards

collateral damage
Playing Adelaide’s HQ Complex is only the beginning for punk band, Collateral Damage.

The St Mark's College students are living out every teenager's dream of forming a band and having their music recognised.

“I was just looking through the other nominees, and then I saw our name.”

Tate Boulton, the guitarist, was pleasantly surprised when the list for the SA Music Awards were revealed.

Their track ‘Barbie Anthem’ is the band’s submission for the People’s Choice Punk Artist Award, and is an ode to the “Australian scene”.

Lead singer, Dylan Harris’ vocals crackle against the instruments, much like the chops on the barbie, described in their song. Grayson Roseberg, on the kit, keeps the beat dynamic and punchy. Tate Boulton offers weighty guitar riffs, essential to any respectable punk song.  

Stylistically, Tate confesses they’re inspired by The Chats and Dune Rats. That raw, boisterous and uniquely Aussie sound is enjoying a renaissance, with the pub scene at the frontline of the movement.

“[Barbie Anthem] was catchy, and we played it a few times. Everyone loved it so we thought we’d put it out.”

The band normally play pubs in the Spencer Gulf, but they’ve even performed in Adelaide’s HQ Complex; a venue played by their music idols Dune Rats and Violent Soho.

Tate seemed unfazed whether or not they would claim the win.  

“We wouldn’t even be there. We wouldn’t be allowed in – we’re too young. Maybe we'll go next time.”

What’s on the cards, now?

Hopefully playing a few gigs and releasing new music, to follow up ‘Barbie Anthem’.

“We just want to play anywhere, really. The dream would be playing at the Clipsal/Superloop Adelaide 500 one day.”

For now, they’re content with “covering songs and playing [their] own, paying each other out and having a good time.”

Voting for the SA Music Awards closes 11th October, and you can check out the categories here.

Collateral Damage's 'Barbie Anthem' can be streamed on Spotify, Youtube, or Soundcloud

By Erin Connellan