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Rita Ora Drops New MV for "Only Want You"

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Pop star lives are often fantasised about, but Rita Ora's newest video for "Only Want You", explores the pitfalls  that come with the game of fame.

The video opens with Ora frustrated with misleading articles written about her by the press. She retreats to a diner for a coffee after a long day, but is soon swarmed by paparazzi. Fortunately a kind waitress nearby, also played by Ora, helps her celebrity-self escape. The waitress stays behind to work the rest of her shift, where you see her cop unwanted sexual advances and verbal abuse from staff, coupled with demeaning patrons - all experiences women continue to endure in the workplace. 

After the shift, her waitress-self finds Ora performing in an intimate bar. She stares in awe as she sees herself in a glittered gown, a beacon of hope for what her life could be. 

Ora could be making the link between the everday life of her past, and the extraordinary life of her present. Despite her level of success, she still has to deal with people trying to "own her" - whether that be unwanted sexual advances from a co-worker in the restaurant, or the press invading her private life for their own gain. 

The song is as emotive as the accompanying MV, and well worth a watch!