Planning Goes Forward to Support South Australian Jetties

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Photo by Sharon Wills Via Flickr

Jetties across South Australia will be under the telescope as a new plan to upgrade, manage and maintain the jetties comes to light.

The plan to find and review certain Jetties throughout the state should be completed by the end of the year, Minister of Infrastructure, Stephan Knoll explains how jetties are an important part of Regional Communities. "Jetties support recreational and commercial activities for locals, as well as attract tourists."

"It's these activities and tourism benefits that provides an economic boost for regional communities."  Mr Knoll said.

The Government is currently responsible for 33 recreational, commercial and closed jetties around the state, whilst local counclis are responsible for another 35.

Would you like to see a jetty upgrade in your local area?

Photo by Sharon Wills Via Flickr Attribution License here.