Does Macklemore Still Go To The Thrift Shop?

It was the biggest song of 2012; a hit that won two Grammys, scored number one on multiple charts around the world, and spread a valuable message against mindless consumerism. But in the eight years since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' defining single Thrift Shop, the artists' lives surely must have changed. Does Macklemore still get all his threads second hand?


Clearly he was passionate about it in the day. It's pretty easy to write a rap song about money or how popular you are, but a Salvos store? That's a challenge, and it's not going to happen without true determination and a wealth of experience to draw on. For sure, I believe Macklemore bought those clothes/kneeboard... but a hit single changes you.



Thrift Shop
made bank. In the US alone, 6 million copies of the single sold, with a good chunk of that no doubt finding its way to the rapper. The success of the single also saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis accept MTV Video Music awards, Teen Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and many others; there's no way you're stepping out on those red carpets without being dressed to the nines. Op shops are great but you're not gonna find Armani.

What, youv'e never found a pink peach suit at Savers? - via GIPHY

Let's also look at Macklemore's singles since. Whilst it doesn't explicitly mention thift shopping, Downtown his preference for getting a great deal on a moped implies he's still partial to saving money. I struggle to find examples beyond that. Same Love's emotional lyrics carried a vital social message, but there's no mention of popping tags. 

"Mmmm, yeah, you caught me out Big Bob Lozza" - via GIPHY

Glourious? Huge hit, but does he want to take my Grandpa's style? I have no answers. Macklemore's latest single is a Christmas track, and the lyrics mention purchasing a tree. That's too bougie for my tastes.

And that's the truth of it. Macklemore no longer goes to the thrift shop.


But I do! I promise I'll always keep it real!