National News

Probe into Alice Springs power outage

An investigation is underway into a major blackout that hit the Alice Springs area, with union officials saying the outage could have been avoided.

WA plan to stop cane toads killing animals

Benign small cane toads are being released ahead of the toxic bigger ones at the frontline of the invasion in Western Australia's Kimberley region, in a bid to teach native predators not to eat them.

Minister rejects Newstart boost again

The plight of Australians subsisting on Newstart is in the spotlight again during Anti-Poverty Week, but the Morrison government isn't budging in the face of widespread calls to lift the dole payment.

Watchdog unleashed on big banks' rates

The big banks will explain to the competition watchdog why they're not passing on interest rate cuts, as customers are urged to shop around instead of staying with their lenders.

Competition watchdog to investigate banks

COMPETITION WATCHDOG TO INVESTIGATE BANKING SECTOR:* Investigate prices charged for residential mortgages across entire market, including by major banks, smaller banks, and non-bank lenders;* Consider how banks make pricing decisions, including passing on movements in the official cash rate;* Examine differences in prices paid by new and existing customers;* Examine...