National News

NFL players approve 17-game regular season

NFL players have approved a new collective bargaining agreement with the league which features a 17-game regular season, higher salaries, increased roster sizes and larger pensions for current and former players.

Woolies to hold elderly-only shopping hour

Woolworths will open its doors exclusively to the elderly and people with disabilities for a dedicated shopping hour, after panic buying due to the coronavirus stripped shelves of essentials items.

Coronavirus shuts all French ski resorts

All French ski resorts are closing on Sunday and will not reopen for the rest of the season as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, ski resort operators say, dealing another heavy blow to a France's tourism industry.

Lockdowns, entry bans to fight virus

France and Spain have imposed lockdowns, Australia has ordered self-isolation of arriving foreigners, and Argentina and El Salvador have extended entry bans as the world seeks to contain the coronavirus.

Trump negative for virus, extends bans

Donald Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus and extended a travel ban to Britain and Ireland to try to slow the spread of a pandemic that has shut down much of the daily routine of American life.