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Rugby Australia terminates Folau contract

Wallabies superstar Israel Folau remains adamant he should be allowed to keep playing, but Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle warned him to think hard about his next move after sacking him on Friday.

Green wants more from capricious Cowboys

Paul Green says North Queensland's erratic form has taken its toll on player confidence and he wants their home match against Parramatta to mark an NRL season turning point.

Key Tasmanian seats at the federal poll

TASMANIAN SEATS OF INTEREST AT THE FEDERAL ELECTION--BRADDONIt is tipped to be a toss-of-the-coin between Labor incumbent Justine Keay and Liberal first-timer and beef farmer Gavin Pearce.

Researcher not surprised by shark deaths

A Queensland marine researcher is not surprised 30 scalloped hammerhead sharks captured off the Great Barrier Reef and exported to a French aquarium did not survive in captivity.