National News

Taiwan loses as Solomons turns to China

Taiwan has lost its largest ally in the Pacific after the Solomon Islands confirmed it is switching diplomatic allegiance to China, with observers saying other Pacific nations may soon follow.

Freeze on future reef runoff regulations

Farmers, miners and sewer operators will be spared further changes to how much fertiliser and sediment they can dump in the Great Barrier Reef for five years.

Disability support pay too low: experts

Australians living with disabilities face "incredibly onerous" obstacles just to stay on the support pension, as research shows they're paying extra for basic living costs.

Properties lost as fires rage in Top End

Numerous buildings, caravans and cars have been destroyed including what is believed to be a woman's home as strong winds helped fires rage across the Top End.

Holiday leave appeal will go to High Court

A legal decision that means workers rack up personal leave at different rates despite working the same fortnightly hours could be appealed in the High Court.

'Big stick' laws back as power prices fall

Energy giants are again being threatened with "big stick" laws that could see their assets forcibly sold, as a new report shows some power prices have dropped.