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Ancient, unlooted tombs found in Greece

Greece's culture ministry says two intact chamber tombs dating from 1400 BC to 1200 BC have been unearthed near the southern town of Nemea.

They were found at a site already known for its cluster of tombs, most of which had been looted before their discovery.

The ministry said on Sunday that the newly-found tombs include two full burials and bones from 14 individuals whose remains had been transferred from other tombs.

Excavation at the Aidonia burial site began in the late 1970s after the site containing tombs from 1700 BC to 1100 BC had already been extensively looted, probably in 1976-77.

Findings included a trove of ancient jewellery.

Several items of jewellery that appeared in a 1993 auction in New York turned out to be from the same site and were subsequently returned to Greece.

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