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Shakka the Shark Celebrates 20 Years on Dry Land

fishing.jpgYesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Shakka the shark being caught and brought to shore by fishermen.

The 5.5 metre Great White Shark became tangled in snapper lines and died in Germein Bay on the 12th of July in 1988.

The shark was taken to Adelaide for autopsy where Peter Benchley the author of the Jaws novel was present. The council sought to have her preserved but taxidermy was not possible so instead a life-sized model was made.

There are two models of the 5.5 metre shark, one in the South Australian Museum and the other in the Port Pirie Visitor Centre.

Port Pirie Council is celebrating the milestone by offering free access to Shakka the Shark for locals and visitors until the end of the month.