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Whyalla prepares for fallout over Trump steel tariff

Steelworks generic.jpgDonald Trump’s decision to exempt Australia from his 25 per cent tariff on steel is still fostering some anxiety in Whyalla.
Even though the decision is seen as a positive for Whyalla’s livelihood as a steel production city, it could mean more foreign steel being dumped on our shores.
Member for Giles Eddie Hughes has flagged this and is calling on the Federal Government to make sure it doesn’t happen.
“We should not underestimate the possible collateral impact of an all out steel trade war which could lead to steel intended for the US market finding its way to Australia,” he said.
“The freeing up of trade around the world has been an enormous boom and lifted 2 billion people out of poverty. For Australia it has delivered a world record of 23 years of uninterrupted economic growth.”
He says the wider impact will mean overseas steel producers will use it to dump on other markets-which would -no doubt- have a negative impact on Whyalla’s steel industry.
He says the solution to this is invest in modernising the plant and increasing it’s scale.
GFG’s Sanjeev Gupta has yet to provide a comment.