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Regional students urged to put their hands up for STEM scholarships

Scholarship generic.jpgOur regional students have a shot of getting better access to education.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM as it’s called, has had $18,000 worth of scholarships put behind it by the State Government.

They opened Yesterday, and those living across the Upper Spencer Gulf, should be putting their hands up for a share.

Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey’s thrown his weight behind the scholarships; saying it’s a priceless opportunity for students to get hold of a better education.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain the support they need to study in fields with strong employment outcomes,” Mr Ramsey said.

“Accessing higher education form the country presents a range of difficulties that kids who can remain living at home in the city do not face.

These scholarships are about addressing the imbalance between the city and the country by making student life easier for regional students and making STEM courses more attractive study options.

“I urge students from Grey to take advantage of the opportunities these scholarships offer to get the skills they need for future jobs.”

Its designed to give those living in regional areas of the state, a more level playing ground compared to those living in the city, who already have access to all forms of education.

Two rounds of STEM Scholarships will be released from 2018 through to 2020-21- and for round one, more than 600 are up for grabs.