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Mount Remarkable unveils new trails in latest win for tourism

bush_walk.jpgMount Remarkable's new trails are officially open for business.

The new trails; both walking and bike trails, includes 6.5km of new trail- that combines the existing ‘up and back’ trail, into a 13km loop, making the most of the views over Melrose.

The Willowie Forest mountain biking network has also seen a makeover to a few of its existing fire tracks, adding a few new trails and a picnic shelter, car park and signage.

The two projects come off the back of $2.4 million pumped into tourism infrastructure by the SA government, as well as the Commonwealth Government Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure fund.

The Flinders Ranges and in particular Melrose are a major tourism attraction to regional SA, which is a good reason why the government is paying it close attention, and considering it for more funding.