Whyalla Swimming Enclosure Closed

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The City of Whyalla council have advised the marina swimming enclosure will remain closed for the duration of the new jetty construction as a public safety measure.

This follows reports of people swimming across the marina to get to the swimming enclosure.

The swimming enclosure and the regular breakwater access is off limits to the public. While, swimming in the marina, outside of the swimming enclosure, is also forbidden at all times.

Council’s Director of Infrastructure Kristen Clark said, “This is dangerous on many levels with the risk of injury from boats, the hazard it presents for boaties and the potential problems people may get into when swimming across the marina.” 

“We don’t want to fine people for this illegal and dangerous practice so we ask people to please be patient and not use the swimming enclosure while the jetty is being built."

“There is plenty of room on the foreshore beach to have a swim in a safe and friendly environment that is patrolled by the Whyalla Surf Lifesaving Club on the weekends,” Mr Clark said. 

The jetty is expected to be finished in the first half of next year, with the swimming enclosure to be re-opened then.

Image Source: Pexels