Regional Sustainability Hub in Yorke Peninsula

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Regional Development Australia Yorke & Mid North have continued their work in securing a regional sustainability hub within our region, partnering with Adelaide University to undertake further research.

A 3-month research project is underway to captures the details of local sustainability initiatives, the groups or individuals involved and other local groups, businesses or individuals who would like to collaborate.

This research could allow for the development of a central Sustainability hub or a series of smaller hubs.

People in the Clare Valley, Mid North & Yorke Peninsula who are currently involved in or thinking about sustainability projects from waste management to community gardens or organic farming, or other sustainability projects are encouraged to be a part of the research. Jerome Ofori from the Geography, Environment and Population Unit, Industry Placement Plan, Graduate program of the University of Adelaide is undertaking the research project.

If you are interested you can contact Jermone on 0406709674 or email: [email protected]

Image Source: Alena Koval via Pexels