Australian Heart Foundation Offers Free Heart Heath Checks

Today, and tomorrow, Northpoint Toyota Port Augusta have teamed up with the Australian Heart Foundation for the 'COMMUNITY HEARTS PROJECT'.

The initiative is to encourage more South Australians to visit a GP for a Heart Health Check.

Between 9am & 5pm today and tomorrow, half hour appointments can be made to assess your blood pressure and cholesterol measurements.

The Heart Foundation will also share why it is so important to visit a GP for a heart health check.

Appointments are free for those who meet certain requirements, and can be made by contacting the Heart Foundation.

There is no cost to take part and your participation is completely voluntary.

You are also free to withdraw from the project at any time without prejudice.

To participate in the Community Hearts Project, you need to:

 be between 45–75 years old or 30–75 years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

 have NOT HAD a heart attack or stroke

 NOT HAVE KNOWN heart disease

 NOT currently be taking blood pressure or lipid lowering medication

 be able to provide informed written consent Please phone the Heart Foundation on (08) 8224 2888 to book an appointment.

When you call please say: “I would like to book in for the ‘Community Hearts Project’ at Northpoint Port Augusta”.

At the time of booking you will receive more information about your participation. 

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