Cyber Crime Affecting Everyone

Cyber.jpegSouth Australian Police have restructured their organisation to create a unit that will specifically deal with cyber crime and financial fraud.

The new Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch is made up of 90 staff including forensic accountants, digital experts and investigators.

With over 50% of people in the Spencer Gulf having access to the internet at home and even more with a smartphone, this new team will benefit the majority of the region.

Assistant Police Commissioner Scott Duval said the new division will be tackling crime prevention and your phone is the main culprit.

"It's about positioning SAPOL for the future and the growing trend for phones, devices and computers to be used to facilitate crime or used to assist in a crime," he said.

"A phone is now essentially what a hard drive used to be - the future [for] this branch [is] to assist other areas of SAPOL with investigations, data extraction and specialist digital work."

Photo: Pexels