Illuminating Road Safety

Stop_sign.jpegMember for Frome Geoff Brock is behind the new flashing stop signs at George’s Corner following a similar system installed at various other intersections along Augusta and Horrocks Highways.

The signs are solar powered, activated by oncoming cars and look like your standard stop signs with flashing lights around the edge.

Transport Minister Stephen Mulligan said these new signs should make drivers pay attention to oncoming traffic.

“These new ‘smart’ stop signs will reinforce the message for drivers to stop at the intersection to pay close attention to any approaching traffic on the Augusta Highway,” he said.

The existing signs on the Germein Road and Nelshaby Road have also been replaced with larger signs on a yellow board.

The Minister also said there are plans to create a right-turn lane for north-bound vehicles heading into Nelshaby Road.

“This should reduce the risk of rear-end crashes and improve traffic flow,” he said.

Photo: Pexels